Every Engineer Starts Somewhere


This is the first post of Church Live Sound and Pro Audio!  Thank you for stopping by, I look forward to being a source of information for your church or venue.  This blog should be a source of how to troubleshoot common audio problems and to be a guide for the novice and intermediate audio engineer that may be having difficulties with a live sound pro audio system.  The exponential growth and development of pro audio technology over the past five years has created a vast amount of opportunity for churches and live sound venues.  This blog should also help guide the decision-making process and help inform each venue of what is necessary when putting a professional audio system together; the blog will also explain to the readers why each piece of equipment is needed.  The information will provide engineers and purchasers with the confidence and knowledge to purchase, set up, and run a professional audio system in a church or live sound venue.  This blog pertains to more than just audio engineers but should be a source of knowledge for financiers to guide the decision-making process.  Making the most educated and cost effective decisions is essential when running a church or a business.  With my experience in consulting for church, restaurant, and live sound venues, there is always a budget.  Pro audio can be expensive, and this blog will be a guide, making sure you have adequately placed your money into the right gear and into the right sound for your venue.




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